Bill makes you feel as a friend and gives you the advice honestly. He did the best job for us.
Arafat, Ashraf & Anita

Bill was very efficient and worked hard for us. I have recommended him already and I would recommend him again. He will do what it takes to sell your house.
Benson, Erik & Heidi

Bill was always willing to help and accommodate our needs. He put tons of effort and work into our purchase and he was always happy.
Birkeland, Greg & Lisa

Bill was attentive to what we wanted.
Braegger, Kyle & Jann

I feel Bill did an excellent job locating a property and following up on additional information. He was very accommodating and very informative; also very quick to return calls. Bill has a very energetic personality and eager to excel.
Brailsford, Pearl

Bill is up front and honest. He's easy to work with.
Bryan, Aaron & Kim

Bill made the experience of selling our house a positive experience and I would work with Bill again and refer him to friends.
Buehler, Scott

Very personable and easy to work with. Nice guy! He will find you a great house!!
Bunch, John & Suzy

Bill-Again "thank you" for all of your hard work! You are truely a master at your craft!
Bunch, John & Suzy

Casperson, Charles

Bill was readily available to answer any questions or concerns that I had and he was always easy to contact. He was also very supportive.
Cottingham, Roberta

Bill is always available to talk to you ANYTIME!
Coutu, Cheryl

"Bill always followed through, was trust worthy and he gave us good advice. He made the move from Ohio to Utah an easier transition for us."
Crompton, Roger & LeeAnn

Bill kept going even when we were giving up. He was very persistent in finding us the right home and in helping us secure a loan. It all paid off and we are very happy!
Cummings, Glen & Kaye

Bill called me to let me know that the previous Real Estate Company had let my listing lapse on my property. I had no idea that it had. I let Bill list it and within a short period of time he had it sold for me. Thanks Bill.
Cunningham, Keig

Bill made the selling process a positive experience. We would use his services again and recomend him to our friends too.
Dial, Jody & Julie

Very knowledgeable about area and process.
Felton, Taylor

"Bill was very flexible, available and made the process less stressful!"
Flitton, Brandon & Amanda

Bill works hard for his clients. The Sisco's were building a new home across the street from us and couldn't sell their other home which had been listed with another realtor for 6 months-They listed it with Bill and he sold their home for them in 3 days!
Foutz, David

"Bill worked hard helping me find a buyer. Without him I would still be there. When I had about given up feeling that the lady who bought my home wasn't going to get financed, Bill would be there with a positive encouraged outlook."
Fuhriman, Bonnie

Bill was always working for me. He made me feel as if I was his only customer and he was there for me always.
Fuhriman, Tom

Bill was very responsive and hard working. He follows through on all the details.
Galbraith, Brett

Bill never stops trying until he accomplishes his goal!
Gonzalez, Juan

"Bill is not just my agent, he is a good friend. How could Bill improve his services?ÖBill does the best job and I can not think of anyway he could possibly do better."
Gorman, Justin

Bill knows the local areas and is thorough with the complete process of buying a home. I would work with Bill again when I have other real estate needs and refer him to my family and friends.
Gorman, Kimberly

Bill always came to our house to fill out paperwork any time we wanted. He was always available & answered all our questions no matter what time of day it was. Besides being professional he's a very friendly guy.
Grover, Rusty & Jennifer

"Bill was fast, efficient, always available and nice. He was just GREAT!"
Hamilton, Les & Brooke

Bill really cared. He stayed on top of things and kept us informed.
Hatch, Chris & Valerie

He did a great job! He is experience translated into action.
Hernandez, Said & Stephanie

Very up front and willing to explain everything. Very hard worker. Excellent job.
Jensen, Ryan & Randall

After 9 months of no offers with a competitive Real Estate Company Bill's suggestions and straightforward professionalism got the job done.
Johnson, Denise

"Bill's honest and he's a go-getter. Makes the phrase ""Rocker & Roller"" come to mind. His can do attitude is an asset to RE/MAX."
Johnson, Paul

Bill was dedicated to helping us find the property we really loved. We were also really impressed with his knowledge and dedication to his associates.
Johnson, Robert & Hannah

Bill is very easy going and helpful - no pressure - he went the extra distance to find what I wanted.
Johnston, Glen

Bill cares about his client needs.
Jones, Jason & Sheryl

Bill kept good communication.
Kahn, Sandi

Bill kept me informed about everything that was going on with the house.
Kearl, Christopher

Bill was great! We had several agents before Bill and we felt that Bill was the only one that was always honest with us.
Kimose, Andrew & Debbie

Bill was very helpful and he works well with the loan officer and Title Company. They make a very good team together. Without their help I wouldn't be in my new home.
Knowlton, Vickie

Bill is always professional!

Bill made us feel very comfortable and he worked hard to get us what we wanted. He was looking out for our best interests and making us feel like family. How could Bill improve his services?...I don't think he could. He's one of the most dedicated people I've met.
L'Etoile, Joe & Helena

Bill responded 24/7 to all my requests. Thanks Bill!
Matlack, Brad

Bill gave us good advice and helped us through the whole process.
Montierth, Michelle

Bill has been very good to work with. He kept us informed and worked very hard to sell fast - 1 month close!
Montierth, Reed

Bill always informed us of what needed to happen next.
Murdock, Dan & Wendy

He was professional and always kept us informed of what was going on with the property.
Myers, Alan & Kristin

Bill is very personable and honest.
Myers, Alan

I was very grateful to Bill in helping sell my house. He went above and beyond what was expected!
Nelson, Lori

Bill introduced me to his network of business associates who helped fix up my house for the sale. Without this, and all his personal leg-work, the sale of my property from a different state would have been very difficult. The house was sold with zero days on the market!
Pal, Raj

Bill gave me a very good education in the house hunting skills of competitive shopping and he walked me through the steps Iíd face in the closing (which Iíd never gone through before). He was very professional and educated. I could call Bill ANY time and get his focused attention. He answers many questions and made himself available in person.
Palmer, Ed

"Words that describe Bill are: timeliness, hard worker to sell property. "
Peterson, Marvin

Bill is a great guy. He works very hard to make you happy and works around your schedule.
Peterson, Kristin

"How could Bill improve his services? ""He's already the bomb!"""
Poulson, Jeremy

Bill is great! He kept us well informed throughout the whole process.
Richardson, Ken & Janae

He stuck it out even though the first few offers didnít work out; continued looking for other properties that met our criteria.
Richardson, Ken & Janae

Bill stayed with us until we found what we wanted!!
Schillo, Bob & Diane

Bill was great, he knows his job well. Extensive knowledge of everything. Great to deal with.
Sheridan, Kevin & Shae

Bill is a very sincere Man! And he is cool too.
Stephens, James

The most positive experience with Bill was how he informed me about all or any changes regarding the pruchase of the home.
Stringfellow, Logan

Hands down - Greatest work ethic. Aggressive, yet neutral to allow buyer to ultimately decide.
Takamine, George

Bill is honest and works hard to make the deal work for everyone.
Taylor, Donna

"Bill works hard for you! His time and energy are focused on finding properties that meet your requirements. He's available based on your schedule whether it's day, evening, weekend or holiday. He won't stop until he's found a home that you'll love."
Taylor, David

He is always there - working for you 24/7. Trustworthy!!
Thompson, Christel

Bill was excellent. I canít think of anything more he could do to improve his services. He came with his own trailer to move items we took by mistake back to the house that was sold. He went the extra for us.
Tovar, Julie

Bill was right on top of things and we always knew what was taking place. We enjoyed working with him very very much.
Valdez, Yvonne & Tamera

He gives excellent service. His ability to take both ends of a deal and handle satisfactorily was the most positive experience about Billís service.
Wernette, George

How satisfied were you about Billís knowledge about the following? The selling and transaction/contract process-Very Satisfied. The area and market conditions-Very Satisfied.

Bill is always reachable and willing to help.

"What is the most positive experience about Billís services? His honesty. Not jacking up the price of the house to make a larger commission-and not letting the house sit on the market for a long period of time. My house was sold within 2 weeks. We recommend Bill to all our friends & co-workers. If we ever sell again, we will contact Bill. He was GREAT!"

He helped us out a lot and cared that we were happy!

What is the most positive experience about Billís services? The amount of time spent was great and we appreciate the follow thru.

What is the most positive experience about Billís services? The quick sale of our home.

What is the most positive experience about Billís services? He educated us in the process of using appraisal comps to assure the relative value of the property and neighborhood.

I thank Bill for his knowledge of Real Estate law and for effectively saving me money in the overall transactions.

Bill was honest with us. He did not jack the price of the house up to get a bigger commission. We recommend him all the time.

Would you refer Bill to a friend or use his services again? ĖYES!

Did Bill make the experience of buying or selling your property positive? ĖYES!

How satisfied were you about Billís effort to locate your property or to locate Buyers for your property?-Very Satisfied

Bill was friendly, honest and just a great person to work with.

He is honest and helpful in advice for preparing your house for selling. Very patient and "tactful"!
Holt, Dave & Beth